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Here Are the Social Security Benefits for People with Disability

Disabled individuals need assistance, and thanks to the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs which are some of the largest Federal programs that aid people with disability, they can finally receive the help they need. Yes, these two programs have many differences, but they are both fulfilled through the Social Security Administration, and people who are disabled and meet their medical standards are the only ones who can receive benefits from the programs. The Social Security Disability Insurance is responsible for giving benefits to disabled individuals and particular family members under the condition that you are “insured” which is when you have worked for a specific amount of time and paid Social Security taxes. Supplemental Security Income gives benefits to qualifying individuals based on financial need. When applying for these programs your medical history and additional information will be sought and reviewed to decide whether you qualify for… Read more »

What is Full Retirement Age for Social Security?

Social Security Claiming Decisions You can claim social security benefits prior or later than your full retirement age, be that as it may, the sum you get in advantages will change. The government’s Social Security is intended to pay out a similar sum in all out lifetime benefits regardless of when you claim your advantages, so if you claim sooner than your full retirement age. You’ll get a littler month to month profit, and on the off chance that you claim later than full retirement age, you’ll get a greater month to month profit. The exact amount that benefits are decreased or expanded relies on upon how long before or after your full retirement age you petition for advantages. The figuring reductions or builds benefits by a settled rate for consistently you claim early or late, so individuals with a lower full retirement age will get more in advantages at… Read more »

Proposed Bill to Bring Cuts to Social Security Benefits

During the election cycle of 2016, promises were made by presidential candidates regarding social security. In particular, Donald Trump went on the record stating that he would not make changes to policy unless it were necessary. This week, a bill was proposed by Texas Representative Sam Johnson that aims to bring sweeping reform to the retirement program. Many believe that it is possible that this may find its way to the future president’s desk. The legislation is supposed to address concerns that the current system is unsustainable in the long run. This flies in the face of pledges made by Trump to boost social security by stimulating revenue streams that will provide its funding. His plans are to revitalize the economy through a mixture of reworking trade agreements, cutting taxes, and by encouraging job growth. It has been said that at the current rate of spending that the administration will… Read more »