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Can I Change My Social Security Number?

Your Social Security number can only be reassigned under the following circumstances: If,

  • The Social Security numbers of members of the family are closely related and causing errors; Sequential numbers assigned to members of the same family are causing problems
  • More than one person is assigned or using the same social security number
  • You’re a victim of identity theft and your original number is found to be continually detrimental
  • There is a situation of harassment, abuse or life endangerment; or
  • An individual has religious or cultural objections to certain numbers or digits in the original number.

People looking to request a new Social Security number should:

  • Apply in person at a Social Security office
  • Complete an application
  • Provide a statement explaining the reasons for needing a new number
  • Provide current, credible, third-party evidence documenting the reasons for needing a new number and
  • Provide original documents establishing:
  • U.S. citizenship or work-authorized immigration status
  • Age
  • Identity and
  • Evidence of a legal name change, if appropriate.

To request a different Social Security number, contact your local Social Security office for an in-person appointment.