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Social Security Disability Benefits

What Are Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you suddenly become unemployed, you could qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. It is necessary to prove that an illness or injury is preventing you from working. If you get denied, which happens to many applications, you will have to file an appeal by yourself or with a lawyer’s help. The process could take several months or years. First, learn more about Social Security disability programs and the qualification processes.

Who Handles Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security Administration is the U.S. agency that defines how disability is handled in accordance with employment. There is a list of physical and mental disorders that qualify as disabilities. The Social Security Administration has two programs:

  1. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)To receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), applicants must be disabled and low income. Eligibility requirements apply to both American and qualified alien citizens. Applicants are encouraged to maintain the health insurance until long after they have started to receive benefits.
  2. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)SSDI is available to people who have been employed for at least 5 years. They must be less than 65 years old and suffering from a condition that has lasted for at least one year. They have to show proof of the medical affliction along with low income earnings.

Can I File For Social Security Disability Benefits Myself, or Should I Use A Lawyer?

A Social Security disability application is not simple, so you are encouraged to request assistance from the beginning. Work with a lawyer who specializes in disability filings. Social Security Disability lawyers know the importance of filing on time because missing a deadline is a major reason for a denied application. Other reasons include making errors on the application or earning too much income. After the denial, the applicant has 60 days to file an appeal. The applicant has to take the matter seriously in order to avoid starting over from scratch.

How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

To apply for disability, call or email the closest office of the Social Security Administration. Show proof of your birth, social security number (SSN) and medical condition. Have verifiable information about the medical providers and establishments that you have worked with. Include information about your employment history as well. After you apply for benefits, know that getting results is not guaranteed or automatic.

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